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Welcome to SHC

Starting at a new school can be overwhelming, so we've compiled some starter information for you to help you find your feet when you join us.
There's no need to worry our helpful and friendly staff will be with you every step of the way!


Taster Week

Before you receive your results, we'll send you an invitation to one of our taster days; these days are tailored especially to you and your course. This is a great opportunity to meet your teachers, classmates and get to know the college.







Click me for Taster week gallery



By the time you get your GCSE results, you will have already received your SHC Enrolment invitation. If you have not received it by the 10th August, plaese get in touch.

Enrolment is where you show us your results and we finalise you study programme so you can start attending classes in September.

You'll need to bring the following to ensure a swift and problem free enrolment:

  • Contact details for you and your parents/carers
  • Your GCSE grades and/or any other qualifications you have

Be prepared to have your photo taken for your SHC ID Card!




If you decide this course isn't for you, just let a member of staff know and we'll arrange a course change meeting.
Before lessons start we take some time to get to know you and make sure you are happy with your course and class. Induction is where you'll meet all your teachers as well as your tutor and subject leader. You'll be given a guide and valuable information and resources you ensure you start on the right foot.


Key Things to Remember When You Start

  • Always wear your ID card. If you need a new ID you can ask for one from the IT Team on Level 5.
  • You can access your timetable on Pro-Portal, ask in student services if you need a tutorial.
  • If you want to change course make sure you see your tutor straight away; if you have not met your tutor yet then ask for the Admissions Team on Level 3.
  • It will take a while before you are familiar with everything, until then feel free to stop any members of staff to ask questions you need answers to. All staff wear black lanyards.
  • If you need careers advice before you decide to change course you can visit our Employability Team on Level 3.


Still Have Questions?


If you still have questions or are unsure of anything please let us know; you can contact us at anytime via email or telephone.

Admissions email:
Admissions phone number: 0208 319 9427

Some of your questions may have already been answered on our FAQ so please check there first.