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Biology Teacher - FT

We are currently looking to recruit a Newly Qualified Teacher or an Experience Teacher with QTS/QTLS to the following post.

Whether you’re an outstanding Teacher or an innovative Support worker, Shooters Hill Sixth Form College’s inclusive, dynamic and creative ethos provides an imaginative workplace in which you will be supported to develop your knowledge and practice throughout your tenure.

We are extremely proud of our diverse workforce and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

The ideal candidates will need to demonstrate commitment to:

  • Delivering innovative curriculum programmes, quality teaching and pastoral systems in an FE learning environment.
  • Practically contributing to an ethos that supports and challenges all students to achieve excellence.
  • Embedding cultural and academic diversity in all aspects of their work.
  • Teamwork and sharing of best practice.
  • An understanding of and commitment to equal opportunities.

More information can be found in the job description below.

Key details:

  • Working hours In line with STPCD
  • Salary will be based on Inner London Teachers Pay Awards
  • Closing date: 9th March 2020
  • Interviews to be held week commencing 16th March 2020

Job Description 

FT Teacher of Biology (A-Level, BTEC Levels 1, 2 & 3 and GCSE)

Shooters Hill 6th Form College - Teacher JD

Note: The Governors of the College expect all employees to have a full commitment to the college's Equal Opportunities Policy and an acceptance of personal responsibility for its practical application. All employees are required to comply with and promote the policy and to ensure that discrimination is eliminated within the service to staff, the students, their parents and carers.

Designation of Post: Teacher

This job description is to be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document and within the range of duties set out in that document.

Job Purpose:

1. To teach on programmes at the Shooters Hill 6th Form College and to promote excellence for all students.
2. In common with all staff, to work actively in creating an ethos that promotes race equality, celebrates the cultural and academic diversity of Greenwich and ensures the inclusion of students of all abilities, including those with Special Educational Need.
3. To progress the strategic aims and objectives of the College within courses and/or subjects taught.
4. To design and implement student-centered curriculum developments and to implement quality frameworks and procedures which improve access, retention and achievement of students within courses and/or subjects taught.
5. To oversee the learning, progress and conduct of students on programmes of study.
6. To liaise with external agencies as required, including developing links with employers, other providers, professional organisations and Sector Skills Councils, relevant to the enhancement and development of courses and/or subjects taught.
7. To assist in securing the commitment of the wider community to the aims and objectives of Shooters Hill 6th Form College.
8. As required, to assist in the day to day supervision and administration of the College
9. To act as course tutor

Major Tasks.

1. Colleges Aims:

1.1. To assist the subject programme leader in the design and implementation of the curriculum offer, reflecting local, national and international developments.
1.2. To assist the subject programme leader to develop a comprehensive and efficient course/programme area that offers effective progression routes for every young person at the College including those with special educational needs.
1.3. To promote lifelong learning for students whilst at College and within the local community.
1.4. To maintain a stimulating, relevant and effective learning environment within courses/subjects taught
1.5. To work collaboratively with colleagues in teaching, administrative and learner support services in pursuance of these aims

2. Working with others

2.1. To take account of the College's Equal Opportunities Policy and to promote race equality in relationships with others.
2.2. To work collaboratively with colleagues in teaching, administrative and learner support teams to deliver innovative and responsive programmes and services.
2.3. To foster and maintain a positive team ethos through effective communication, co-operative planning and sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise with colleagues within teaching, administrative and learner support teams.

3. Appraisal, Training and Development of Staff

3.1. Within an agreed national framework, to participate in appraisal and performance management both as an appraiser and appraisee
3.2. To participate in support and supervision including the negotiation of personal performance goals.
3.3. To undertake continuous professional development activities in accordance with the College's policies for staff development and professional updating.

4. Curriculum Responsibilities

4.1. To teach on a range of courses within the overall College curriculum offer.
4.2. To act as personal tutor
4.3. To participate in the development, implementation and review of College courses and programme area curriculum offer.
4.4. To participate in the development of innovative curricula that are safe, responsive and flexible so that the learning programmes and environments match the needs of individual learners.
4.5. To keep up to date with national and local developments in post-16 education, including the use of new technologies on courses and/or subjects taught.
4.6. To develop and review syllabi, schemes of work and to monitor learning outcomes on courses and/or subjects taught.
4.7. To ensure effective student assessment and accreditation arrangements including exams and internal verification and student/parent feedback and reporting on courses and/or subjects taught.
4.8. To participate in the monitoring of the quality of student achievement on courses and/or subjects taught.
4.9. To write and present reports, for a variety of audiences in relation to courses and/or subjects taught.

5. Standards of Teaching and Learning

5.1. To participate in the evaluation of teaching and learning on courses and/or subjects taught and to ensure that high standards of professional performance are established and maintained.
5.2. To implement course and student monitoring arrangements as defined in policies and procedures at the Shooters Hill 6th Form College

6. Student Progress and Support

6.1. To work collaboratively with administrative services to ensure that the progress of students is monitored and recorded and that standards of achievement are constantly reviewed.
6.2. To secure a learning environment where all students, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, learning need, sexual orientation, age, class, or religious belief will achieve their full potential and to ensure that students develop study skills in order to learn more effectively and with an increasing independence.
6.3. To liaise where appropriate with employers and other agencies as necessary to ensure responsive and effective course or subject delivery.
6.4. To implement a policy for pastoral care of the students, taking into account, among other things, differences in their ethnicity, gender, learning need, sexual orientation, age, class, or religious belief.
6.5. To provide effective pastoral tutorial support including clear course/ programme induction, initial diagnostic assessment of additional learning support and effective careers/progression advice and guidance.
6.6. To promote among the students, self-discipline, proper regard for authority and a clear sense of right and wrong. To monitor and implement a discipline policy which promotes appropriate behaviour both inside and outside of College  
6.7. To develop and promote positive relations with parents, responsible adults and families, including participating in meetings and College events between staff, parents and outside agencies to ensure that students’ needs are met.
6.8. To ensure the requirements of the current Children Act is fully complied with.

7. Administration

7.1. To work collaboratively with administrative services to provide timely and accurate data on all courses and/or subjects taught, including student enrollment, withdrawal, attendance and achievement
7.2. To ensure the maintenance of up to date and accurate class and student records.
7.3. To comply with requirements of copyright and data protection legislation and College internet and e-mail policies.

8. Discipline

8.1 To promote among the students, self-discipline, proper regard for authority and a clear sense of right and wrong. To monitor and implement a discipline policy which promotes appropriate behaviour both inside and out of College.

9. Relations with Parents, Responsible Adults and Families

9.1 To develop and promote positive relations with parents, responsible adults and families.
9.2 To help arrange and to participate in meetings and College events between staff, parents and outside agencies to ensure that student’s needs are met.

10. Relations with Other Bodies

10.1 To collaborate in establishing and promoting effective relationships with the local community and appropriate organisations and agencies, to the benefit of the College.

11. Provision of Data

11.1 To support the Director to ensure that arrangements are made for the prompt and reliable provision of students and programme data and other statistical returns.

12. Premises

12.1 To ensure the security, maintenance and effective supervision of the College’ buildings, contents and grounds. To promote the use of the College’ facilities by the community subject to the policy of the Governing Body.

13. Health and Safety

13.1. In common with all staff, to exercise responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Acts and associated guidance, as laid down, or as may be amended from time to time by College procedures
13.2. Where required to undertake risk assessments for work experience placements

14. Child Protection

14.1 To ensure the requirements of the current Children Act is fully complied with.

15. Policy development and Implementation

15.1. To ensure the implementation and participate in the review of all policies as directed by the Governing Body and Senior Management Team.

16. Other Duties

Any other duties commensurate with the grading and value of the post.



Person Specification




AF        = Application form

I           = Interview/presentation/assessment exercises

*          = Required short-listing criteria



  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) – AF / *
  • Relevant and recent industrial or commercial experience – AF
  • Relevant and recent INSET -  AF/I
  • Evidence of recent teaching experience in the subject area applied for - AF/I / *


  • Commitment to the College’s Equal Opportunities Policy and acceptance of responsibility for its practical application through the duties of this post – AF / *
  • Strategies for challenging discrimination, promoting racial equality and for teaching students about minority ethnic and cultural diversity and for promoting positive attitudes to disability – AF / *


  • Understanding what constitutes high quality in educational and training provision, the characteristics of effective teaching and learning and an understanding of the key national and local issues affecting participation, achievement and progression in Sixth Form education – AF / *
  • Experience of curriculum development and ideas for implementing innovative, safe and responsive programmes of study within an environment of change – AF / *
  • Ability to develop, design, and deliver student centred learning programmes across at range of levels and for a range of learning abilities – AF / *
  • Experience of planning and implementing assessment and/or verification of learning programmes - I
  • Understanding of the role of key skills development within Sixth form education and training programmes - I
  • Strategies for delivering effective tutorial and pastoral support including teaching students about rights, responsibilities and citizenship - I
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others, internally and externally and a commitment to team working and knowledge sharing – AF / I /*
  • Communication skills – the ability to communicate clearly to a variety of audiences and in a variety of settings, and understand the views of others – AF / I /*
  • Self-management – the ability to plan time effectively and to organise oneself well – AF / I /*
  • Ability to use a range of ICT software packages and management information systems - AF / I
  • Understanding of emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours and attitudes; and the use of authority in maintaining discipline - I