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Student Council

“The academy is highly inclusive, and pupils benefit from working together with those from different backgrounds. Pupils with high needs are integrated well into all aspects of academy life. Around the campus pupils behave very well and show respect for one another.”

- Ofsted 2015

Welcome from the Executive Student Council

Welcome to SHC, we are the Executive Student Council or ESC for short. We put our heads together and think up great ways to make the college a great place for students in terms of fun and learning. We meet regularly and we will be throwing lots of awesome events, so you’re sure to get to know us well. If you fancy joining us come along to one of our meetings and say hi, see you soon!

Role and Responsibilities

The student executive council are the voice of the student body here at SHC. They regularly meet with the principal and governors to let them know what the students are thinking and feeling. They pass on feedback and make suggestions on behalf of all students, that means you too. If you have an event you want to run or you feel SHC could benefit from your insight feel free to let them know.

Student NUS Card

If you're a student you are entitled to a NUS card which can help with the financial costs of being a student as well as give you all the extra bonuses being a member can provide.

Click here to apply for your NUS Card.