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A-Levels at SHC


Did you know?

Last year SHC had the best overall A-Level results of any other Further Education provider or Sixth Form in Greenwich.


Here at SHC we give our students all the support they need to achieve the best possible results. 

As an A-Level student, in addition to the standard benefits of being a student at SHC, you will have:

  1. A personal tutor who is specific to your study programme.
  2. A dedicated A-Level support team for out of hours support and resources.
  3. Access to EPQ, MOOCs and other accreditation to supplement your A-Level awards.
  4. Access to a wide range of enrichments to help balance out the pressures of academic study.
  5. Gifted & Talented, Jack Petchey, and Leadership opportunities.
  6. Access to our Firefly A-Level forum where you can share ideas and opportunities with other, A-Level students.
  7. A dedicated A-Level study area, where you can engage with like-minded people, equipped with devoted members of staff and resources, to help you along with your A-Level studies.





How do our A-Level results stack up to the rest?

SHC are proud to say that, last academic year, our results were some of the best in the borough and surrounding areas!

We have the best A-Level results of any Further Education Provider! 

We have the best A-Level results of any independent Sixth Form!

We have the 3rd best results of any School Sixth Form!

Compared to all A-Level providers, we rank 3rd overall!


Gifted and Talented Programme 

If you are a Gifted & Talented student we have a dedicated programme designed just for you. We will be posting updated information on this soon.

A-Level Subject Choices 

We have a wide range of A-Levels and complimentary BTECs that you can choose from. Take a look here for some ideas and inspiration.

A-Level Taster Day 6th July 

We know there are a lot of choices and you want to make sure you make the right choice for you. That’s why we have developed a taster day designed so you can try out different subjects before you make your final decision.

Still unsure after the day?
No need to worry, you don't need to make a final choice until you enrol in August!

There’s no need to sign up, if you have already made an application for A-levels you will automatically be sent an invite.


Achievement & Success at SHC

We send more students from the Royal Borough of Greenwich to University than any other local school or college and we sent 165 students to University last year alone!